“Ciao e benvenuto!”

When an Italian tells you they always dreamed of getting into the Famiglia business, you probably don’t imagine they’re talking about technical drawing.  

Since I was young, I’ve been enchanted by tools my building surveyor uncle and engineer great grandfather spent their careers creating – detailed drawings that tell the story of how something is built or works. 

From the day I walked into technical school as a 14-year-old, through earning my Architectural degree a decade later and building my business to where it is today, that same curiosity has bubbled inside me, like a freshly-popped bottle of Prosecco! 

And along the road, some wise professors and a world of experience have taught me two invaluable lessons :

  • The wonders of architecture are as abundant in the process of creating a home as they are in the finished project.

  • A client/architect relationship built on trust, openness and friendship,

    is as crucial to success as quality of work.

When I help a client with a new home or living area project, key building blocks – detail, logic, professionalism and respect – are always with me.

I believe the experience should also be fun. After all, there are few more exciting adventures than creating the place you call home. 

That wide-eyed boy from technical school still travels with me on every project. Poking his head around the corner of curiosity to ask,

“What if we…?” and he’ll invite you to do the same.   

Andrea Costi – Principal Architect