The refurbishment of this dwelling is of particular challenge. The briefing from the owner and the existing house condition were indeed very far apart. The house needed a new thinking and a new logic. Our approach was to think of this house in three different parts, the entry foyer, the main corridor and the rear living open plan, as the front could not be altered for heritage conditions. The refurbishment key factor was to deal with the existing structure and building envelope in order to preserve as much as we could of the existing.

It seems crazy looking back that we initially had reservations about using an architect for our renovations. We were concerned about costs having heard nightmare stories from work colleagues about huge bills for unhelpful plans. We kept the very patient Andrea waiting for a year whilst we worked through the process in our heads but since we engaged him we haven’t looked back! He has transformed our house and our life with his plans and exceptional taste and attention to detail. The interaction between us and the builders was very straight forward with his continued input and we really have fond memories of the whole renovation process. Friends who knew our house before cannot believe how much more light we now have and how functional all areas of the house have become. He helped with interiors as well as the structure and really has given us the ‘Wow Factor’ ! We have been living in the house for over 6 months and every day feel so grateful, we love it! We have recommended Andrea to several friends already and will continue to do so to anyone thinking of embarking on the road to renovations!